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The West Coast

The West Coast

A growing phenomena...


The West Coast…


As one of the fastest growing communities in South Africa, Table View –West Coast, named for its picturesque views of stunning Table Mountain, and renowned for its popular beachfront, is rapidly becoming the hottest attraction for young families in search of affordable higher quality lifestyle.


With the opening of the restraints on property development, an explosive growth is predicted that will catapult the region far beyond it's already highly appealing status.


With the phenomenal growth of the area, there was a clear need and responsibility to create an attractive and open centre for the hundreds of Jewish families living there already and the multitudes arriving in the near future.


Recognizing the unique challenge of the West Coast area, Chabad Lubavitch of Cape Town has been entrusted by the Union of Orthodox Synagogues with the initiative of Chief Rabbi Emeritus Cyril Harris to meet the needs of this growing Jewish community...


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