Chabad of the West Coast


Guided by the leadership, teachings and inspiration of the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory , Chabad Lubavitch has set the dictum of “Love thy fellow as thyself” as the defining factor in its liberal approach of unconditional acceptance of fellow Jewish people regardless of their age, level of observance or affiliations.


While sharing and teaching the depth and beauty of Judaism, every individual is encouraged to appreciate the depth of our heritage at their own comfortable pace.


As the world's largest Jewish educational and outreach organization and a vibrant force in global Jewish life, its activities have touched the lives of millions of Jews.


With close to 4,000 representatives directing educational, social and religious institutions worldwide, there isn't a Jewish community in the world that has not been positively affected by its work.


To that end, Rabbi Mendel Popack, director of the Lubavitch Foundation Chabad Centre of the Western Cape  approached Rabbi Oshy and Mrs. Zeesy Deren to establish a Centre of Jewish life on the West Coast.


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