Beis Medrash Menachem Mendel

The Adult Education Programme at Chabad of the West Coast

Lovingly Dedicated in memory Rabbi Mendel Deren 

By Martin and Ilana Moshal 


Tuesday Evenings 7:45 - 9:15 pm

Choose TWO topics! Session 1: 7:45 - 8:25 Session 2: 8:25 - 9:15


Select your pick from our "menu" of classes and come enjoy!

a. Pearls of the Parsha: Whilst your Cheder education gave you  basic Bible Knowledge, does it talk to you today? This group will touch on two or three themes of the Parsah, and bring them to life and relevance with Eli Goldman from Johannesburg, South Africa.

b. Ask the Rabbi (to be). Though he's still a Yeshiva Bochur, this young man has found a passion and purpose in exploring every angle and question of the Jewish experience. Come with your questions and get ready for answers, with Mendel Vogel from Brooklyn, NY.

c. Jewish Ethics is about more than Chicken Soup on Friday Night. Pirkei Avot.the Ethics of our Fathers, is a fascinating book of insight and wisdom. Join a seamless tapestry of relevant life lessons with Mendel Weinstein from Crown Heights, NY.

d. People of The Book - or Facebook? The Book of Tanach, the Bible, is a fountain of wisdom, history and tradition. The Books of Joshua and Judges, continued where the five books of Moses left off, and the journey forward is exlpored by Zevi Slavin of Sydney Australia. 

e. Tackle the Talmud. Don't be scared of the name. The texts of the Talmud have opened minds, and lifted spirits for 2,000 years. Now's your chance to take a taste of the most expansive Jewish knowledge experience of all time - with Menachem Shemtov from Washington, DC.  

f. Get the iPray! While we all know what a Siddur looks like, do we really understand what we are saying? Every week you can download a few more lines of meaning and understanding in our Shabbat, Holiday and Every Day prayers with Levi Deutsch of Johannesburg, South Africa.  

Other popular classes include Monday's Tanya in Town, Wednesday's Tea and Torah, and Torah Studies on Shabbat morning. 

Nu, so which class are you joining. Please let us know, or just pop in for a taster...