The Centre


From its new centrally located facility at 15 Curlewis Road, The Shul services the needs of the Blouberg -Table View region from Sunset Beach to Atlantic Beach along the West Coast as well as the Parklands - Sunningdale developments.


With ample space for a Synagogue,two speacious classrooms for the Jewish Montessori Preschool, Children’s Services, modest Catering facilities  and great oudorr facilities as well, the new centre hosts the Shabbat services, the West Coast Cheder, the youth programs, the Adult Education classes and more.


In keeping with the teachings of Torah that “every Jew is family”, The Shul, more than a membership based congregation, is a “family” of individuals each seeking their own unique taste of the rich heritage that our Jewish tradition and Torah offer us.


As The Shul “family” continues to grow, and the need for a larger more suitable facility materializes, we will work with the opportunities available to make that possible.


The warm and friendly atmosphere of The Shul is waiting for you and our doors are never closed, so feel free to stop in!


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