You've Been Approved!

In keeping with the teaching of the Torah that has become a a hallmark of Chabad worldwide that "all Jews are one family", we recognize every fellow Jew as a member of The Shul. Our services including the High Holidays are open to all and a warm seat is waiting for you.

In order to create a financially secure platform for the ongoing activites of The Shul, there is an opportunity to participate as a member with annual fees.

However, for first time Shul members we have begun Birthright Membership which is a full year of membership at The Shul - Free of Charge.

(Please note; this offer is to anyone who is not a member at ours or any other Shul previously.  If you are, we encourage you to continue your participation with your original community. )


To download the application form for membership at The Shul click here.

When you have completed the relevant information please fax it to 557 9522 and follow up with the relevant documentation as soon as possible.

If you would be interested with more information please let us know at [email protected]